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Re: 4ol 4rt files THE HELPFUL ANSWER

On Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 09:09:37AM +0200, Werner Mahr wrote:

> People spam the list with requests for AOL Art-files, because they find 
> it with google for this list. They subscribe and ask the same dumb 
> question again. If they would read the threads they found, the wouldn't 
> read. I am no expert on human behavior, and I can't ride, but I can 
> asure you, they will come back and spam this list. Just keep in mind 
> that they are AOL users.

1. It isn't spam, except in a sense loose enough for somebody to call
all the discussion in this thread spam.

2. I doubt if they subscribe to the list.

3. Surprisingly, this list isn't among the top 100 Google hits for
"unsubscribe". ;-)

PJR :-)

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