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Re: 4ol 4rt files THE HELPFUL ANSWER

On Saturday 24 September 2005 12:54 pm, John Hasler wrote:
> Now, when the doofuses search on "4ol 4rt files" and find your message they
> are going to see
> 4ol 4rt files: To: debian-user@lists.debian.org; Subject:
> 4ol 4rt files THE HELPFUL ANSWER

First: I didn't spell it in 'leet.

> and spam us.  They _will not_ follow the link and _will not_ read your
> message.

Second: What is it that makes you such a super expert on human behavior?

Get off your high horse.  People are people.  Some will, some won't.

> The only subject line that would have any hope of being useful would read
> something like "Debian CANNOT help you with 4rt files" and even that might
> not suffice.

Well, then, since you know it all, why not try to fix it?


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