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Re: Printer

Kenneth P. Turvey wrote:

> I'm running Debian unstable and I connect to a wireless network on which
> there is a Windows XP box that has an HP PSC 750 connected to it. I
> would like to be able to use this printer to print web pages and PDF
> documents from my computer.  
> A few years back setting up a printer under Linux was a real chore.

It still can be.

A lot depends on whether or not the PSC 750 is well-supported under
Linux; a lot also depends on whether Windows is sharing the printer via
smb or via standard lpr/lpd. If smb, you'll also have to
install/configure a minimal Samba setup on your Linux box; if standard
lpd/lpr, you shouldn't have much trouble. "apt-get install cupsys"
followed by pointing your browser to http://localhost:631/admin should
get you started.


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