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Re: Installing without CD

That rather complicates things.

You need to mount the ISO on the loopback interface and find the boot
image and write it to floppy.

Having done that you need to boot up and go through the boot process
without destroying your image and keeping it in a place which you will
be able to read it from.

The installer allows you to specify a local file hierarchy as your
install source and so in theory if you were to have the extracted ISO on
readable disk you should be able to use this as the install source.

Alternatively, you could spend a few quid and get a DVD in the post.
Makes things much easier. And the Debian project would be thankful for
the funding you provide.

On 9/24/2005, "Mike S" <mmiikkee12@gmail.com> wrote:

>Oh, I forgot to mention I don't have net access in Linux, incompatible

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