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Re: Panda, Beware!

On Friday 23 September 2005 01:03 pm, Wm Stanley wrote:
> Yes,
> I have used Panda Anti-virus software for several years now and had paid
> for two more that will Never be used!  Why? Because their otherwise
> excellent programs were impossible to reconcile with Windows XP, to which I
> recently upgraded, and because of their robotic treatment of their loyal
> clients,  I have disconnected from Panda with ill feelings.  I was not even
> allowed credit for the two years of paid service that will now never be
> used.
> Their system of handling customers has been insufferable in that I have
> often been placed on hold (long distance, mind you) for up to 1 1/2 hours. 
> The difficulties have always been assigned to those companies with whom the
> Panda software was in conflict.  Not once was an offer made to resolve
> these conflicts, but only the assurance that their best people were working
> on it.

Yes, that's commercial software for you.  That's normal.  If you don't like 
that, don't use commercial software.

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