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Re: debian for sun sparc 3i-solaris 9-sun blade 2500

On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 08:48:54AM +0530, padmini@isac.ernet.in wrote:
> Please let me know whether there is a Debian linux for sparc 3i
> processor based system model Sun blade 2500.
> We download 64bit version for sparc but when we boot from the
> CD the system Sun 2500 repeatedly reboots and installation is not
> done.
> Best Regards
> padmini
> padmini@isac.ernet.in
> Air Port Rd.
> Bangalore
> India
This may be a question better directed at the debian-sparc list.

To subscribe, email debian-sparc-REQUEST@lists.debian.org with a 
subject of "subscribe"

There are some issues with the very newest Sparc systems.

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