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Re: unable to install from CD: failure to mount once kernel installed

Seth Goodman wrote:
From: Wackojacko [mailto:wackojacko32@ntlworld.com]
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2005 5:56 AM


Googling this error (google is always your friend :) ) suggested that

- you may want to turn DMA off for the drive ' hdparm -d0 /dev/hdc'.
May need to install 'hdparm' first.

Ah, thanks for both the suggestion and the method.  Mike McCarty privately
suggested that I disable DMA for this drive, but I couldn't do it from BIOS
and was unaware of this system utility.  Thank you very much for bearing
with me. This seems to fix the problem!



So it appears that I have
two bugs to report, one for the driver not being able to operate the drive
with DMA enabled and another for the GUI error, though I am not certain what
packages to report them under.

I see the eject problem has been resolved, the CDROM driver is a kernel module so I would say the proper place is kernel.org bugzilla system.


This is the thread that led me to the DMA conclusion.

I also wonder how to make this change permanent.

There is a kernel option to 'Enable DMA only for disks' which should be used 'if you know the ATAPI device will fail DMA transfers. Looks like a kernel compile may be required after all!

I could put a call to hdparm in one of the init scripts

This is another option, the /etc/init.d/ directory has a skeleton init script to copy and rename to hdparm and put the above command in it.

though I was hoping that /etc/fstab or
some other configuration file might have a "nodma" option to set for that
drive.  I cannot find such an option in either the Debian reference or the
man pages for fstab, mount, etc.  I'm sure it exists somewhere, but I
haven't been able to find it.  The Debian reference shows a command called
setcd in section 9.1.3, but it looks like it's meant for setting the default
speed.  The package page on setcd has no information on what it does.

Cant help you here sorry.

- hal (hardware extraction layer) deamon can cause this trouble so try
stopping haldeamon if installed.

I didn't try this, but I bet it would work.  It's not as good a workaround,
though, as you would want to start it again each time you were done reading
a CD.

Glad to hear you are at least back on track.


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