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Re: Newbie wants Firefox and Tbird

Antony Gelberg wrote:

Angelo Bertolli wrote:
Albert wrote:

michael wrote:

and insults don't generally inspire people to respond in a helpful
manner, but then you prob knew that already ;)

Insults?  I only responded in kind to Antony, who believes answering a
newbie question is 'breast feeding'.
Please, not in front of the kids.

Well to bring this back on track (maybe), I also have installed Tbird
and Ffox from the executables on sarge.  One of the reasons is the
debian packages don't have the cool icons.  Ok maybe that's a lame
reason.  The other reason is I have trouble installing themes and
extensions using the debian packages.  Why is this the case?  Is it
because they try to install into the application (/usr) instead of my
home directory, and then don't have the right permissions?

I think you brought this up a while back.  Most people don't have this
problem.  Perhaps you could tell us which extensions you are trying to
install and how you are trying to install them?
Well, I just tried it again, and you're right it works. I don't think it was just a figment of my imagination though. Maybe I had used them at some point when there were existing bugs. Still don't get the nice icons (but I can copy those).


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