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Re: Newbie wants Firefox and Tbird

--- Albert <albertwagner@cox.net> wrote:

> I am a new user of Debian.  My first task after system install is 
> to install Firefox and Tbird, preferably the latest 1.0.6 or 
> 1.0.7.  It's a piece of cake to download and install these from 
> the mozilla site, but I have no idea how I might then wrap them 
> with an icon and to get them to show in the menus.  Do debian 
> users not do this sort of thing?  If so, could someone point me 
> to the appropriate documentation?

Firefox and Thunderbird are already in the Debian distribution.  Try:

$ apt-get install mozilla-firefox mozilla-thunderbird

... or install them via aptitude.  Hope this helps.


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