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Re: Jabber

On 9/23/05, Björn Lindström <bkhl@elektrubadur.se> wrote:
Chuck Payne <cepayne@magidesign.com> writes:

> I have jabber install but can't seem to connect. Does anyone know
> if/where there is a website talks about getting jabber working on
> Debian.

Do you just want to chat? Then you don't need to have jabber installed,
just a client, like for instance GAIM.

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On the same line, I installed the jabber server on my box.  Now what?  I know I need a client, but I can't figure out what to "aptitude install"  for a jabber client.  I run gaim, for internet chat, but that doesn't have anything to do with my jabber server.  can anyone fill me in?

Fred OGrady
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