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Re: Shutdown missing from GNOME "Actions" menu....

Redefined Horizons wrote:
Debian Users,
 I recently completed my first install of a dual-boot box with Debian Sarge
and Windows XP.


 However, on my first solo Debian Sarge box I had "Reboot" and "Shutdown"
options on the "Actions" menu of my Gnome desktop. Is there a setting that
controls wether these options appear, and if so, where do I find them?

Not enough info. Are you still using Gnome? Are you trying to get them
to show up? Are you trying to get them to go away?

What is your goal?

 I also noticed that bash doesn't recognize the "shutdown" or "reboot"
command unless I'm logged in as root. Is this a file permisions error? To
fix it do I change the permisssions of the shutdown and reboot bash command
files? Where would I find those files on a Debian Sarge OS?
 Scott Huey

Usually, shutdown is in the /sbin path, not /bin, and is not
usually in the normal user paths. It won't run unless you
are root, anyway (or at least, it shouldn't).

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