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Re: unable to install from CD: failure to mount once kernel installed

Seth Goodman wrote:
From: Wackojacko [mailto:wackojacko32@ntlworld.com]
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2005 5:56 AM


Googling this error (google is always your friend :) ) suggested that

- you may want to turn DMA off for the drive ' hdparm -d0 /dev/hdc'.
May need to install 'hdparm' first.

Ah, thanks for both the suggestion and the method.  Mike McCarty privately
suggested that I disable DMA for this drive, but I couldn't do it from BIOS
and was unaware of this system utility.  Thank you very much for bearing
with me.  This seems to fix the problem!  It also uncovered another minor
bug, but at least the system is usable.

After disabling DMA on the CDROM, inserting a CD causes the file system to
mount, a CD icon to appear on the gnome desktop and a Nautilus file browser
opens showing the CD file system.  To unmount the file system and unlock the
CDROM eject button, close the file browser, right click on the CD desktop
icon and hit eject.  At that point, I get an error dialog that reports:
Failed to start command (details: Failed to execute child process "eject"
(No such file or directory)).  However, the CD icon does then disappear from


On my machine (FC2) I can man eject. Also, eject -h shows help.

$ which eject
$ eject -d
eject: default device: `cdrom'

As part of the output from $ eject -h

  -v    -- enable verbose output
  -n    -- don't eject, just show device found
  -r    -- eject CD-ROM
  -s    -- eject SCSI device
  -f    -- eject floppy
  -q    -- eject tape
  -p    -- use /proc/mounts instead of /etc/mtab

It looks like either you don't have eject installed, it is installed in
the wrong place, your PATH is incorrect, or Gnome is pointing to the
wrong place. What happens if you insert a CDROM into the drive, close
all windows accessing it, and do

$ umount /media/cdrom (or /mnt/cdrom, or wherever you mount it)
$ eject -r

in a terminal?

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