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Re: Responses to the list

On Fri, 2005-09-23 at 12:46 -0500, Albert wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
> > On Fri, 2005-09-23 at 11:52 -0500, Mike McCarty wrote:
> > 
> >>Ron Johnson wrote:
> >>
> <snip>
> >>>Doesn't T-bird have a "Reply to list" option?
> >>
> >>It does NOT.
> > 
> > Oh.  Now I understand your problem.
> > 
> > The solution is to use Sylpheed, Evolution or KMail.
> >
> No, the solution is not to let anyone bully you into using 

If you think this is bullying, you need to go back on the Prozac.

> software that you don't like.  Tbird's 'Reply to All' works just 
> fine for every other ML in the world.

No, you're wrong.

Would you like examples?

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Temporarily not of Jefferson, LA USA
PGP Key ID 8834C06B I prefer encrypted mail.

"Give me the ready hand rather than the ready tongue."
Giuseppe Garibaldi

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