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More than 2, but less than 3 GiB per process memory?


we've been trying to make a program (ITK/VTK image processing for a university 
project) work. Unfortunately, the process needs slightly above 2 GiB of 
virtual memory.

Judging from the documentation I've seen, on 32bit systems I should be able to 
allocate up to 3 GiB of virtual memory (1 GiB of 32bit address space is 
reserved for the kernel).

However, our test case for this terminates when trying to allocate more than 2 
GiB of memory, even though we have a really big swap file.

Does anyone have a clue why 2 GiB is the limit? Would using a swap partition 
instead of a swap file help? The 64G HIGHMEM kernel config option does not 
seem to make a difference. On a real AMD64 system, the program works fine 
with >2 GiB RAM, as was expected. Is there any way to make this work, besides 
changing the algorithm to use less than 2 GiB of memory?

We're using Debian sarge (3.1) with its provided 2.6.8 i386 kernels. Any hint 
would be much appreciated!


PS: Please Cc: me if possible

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