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Re: setting up environment variables

--- Kai Grossjohann <kai.grossjohann@mci.com> wrote:

> Very interesting indeed.  So I wonder whether this will show up for
> other desktop environments, too.
> I was vaguely aware that it is difficult to do, but didn't think it
> through fully and thus didn't appreciate the full difficulty of it.

Not to mention that this was hashed out to death on this list not so
long ago (6-10 months ago, perhaps?).  Looking up that thread would be
of enormous benefit.  of course, my own opinion is that none of the DMs
*should* be sourcing anything from shell-startup files.  That's why the
user has the freedom to use ~/.x{session,init} --- let the user do it
for themselves.  The easy work around, even without it is, is to get
your teminal emualator to spawn a login-shell.

-- Thomas Adam

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