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Re: xorg on thinkpad A21m

Tom Allison wrote:
> Well, I've really done it now.
> I tried to upgrade my Thinkpad A21m from xserver-xfree86 to xorg on
> testing.  It's pretty badly hosed up right now.
> xorg won't work.  Keeps claiming I am missing a driver 'synaptics'.  I
> don't have any such device so I really don't see that this should be a
> problem except that the hardware autodetection (assumption) decided I
> needed to configure my notebook for same.  I guess that's a bit of a
> bug, but I can't find any discussion about such a problem.
> And I can't get back to xserver-xfree86.
> I've purged all the files and now nothing works.  The xorg script keeps
> trying to convert the nonexistent files and fails.
> it's really frustrating.
> I was able to get some kind of xorg to work but at the wrong resolution.
> But only from 'startx' never from wdm.
> Right now, as it stands.  I can get X working from 'startx' but nothing
> from wdm.
> from syslog:
> FATAL error inserting apm.. No such device.
> I don't have one installed and have ACPI instead.
> WTF?
> wdm:  (EE) No Input driver matching 'synaptics'
> Again, I don't have one installed and have no touchpad device on this
> computer.  Again: WTF?
> Greet cannot exec /usr/bin/X11/wdmLogin
> guarenteed_read error, UNMANAGE_DISPLAY
> pipe read error with /usr/bin/X11/wdmLogin
> Server crash rate too high: removing display :0
> Am I to understand that wdm (wings display manager) just doesn't "do"
> X.org?  Or are there some bugs there I don't know about?
> wdm is already at -unstable.

1. If you can't fix these problems, you should ask yourself why you're
running testing, and consider stable instead.  Do you even need xorg?
2. The synaptics driver is in xfree86-driver-synaptics or
xorg-driver-synaptics.  It is used for a synaptics touchpad, commonly
found on laptops.

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