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Re: cannot run QT tutorials

Michal Simovic wrote:

yes, i think i've got everything right cos i've been able to compile and run one complete program from QT Assistant tutotial called "metric". i've got all the tools needed and they work, but it seems that there's just something missing in QT tutotials preventing it from running. There is a Makefile already made for you, all you should do is to run "make", but it spits out the mentioned errors..

So let's take an example.

1. the listbox example.
2. I copy the files of the dir to my own home dir, renaming them:
do_listbox.cpp, do_listbox.pro, do_listbox.h, do_listbox_main.cpp

3. I edit do_listbox.pro:
TARGET		= do_listbox
HEADERS		= do_listbox.h
SOURCES		= do_listbox.cpp \

4. I edit the source files + the header to reflect the name changes.

5. I run:
qmake -o Makefile do_listbox.pro

6. I run:

Voilá. listbox example.


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