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Re: rsync does not work

Andreas Höschler wrote:
> I have setup debian from the latest DVD and rsync with 
> 	apt-get install rsync 
> I have set RSYNC_ENABLE=true in /etc/default/rsync.

That is only needed if you are using the "rsync server" and not if you
are using ssh.

> There is an entry  
>     rsync stream tcp nowait root /usr/bin/rsync rsyncd --daemon 

You should not have both.  Have either RSYNC_ENABLE=true in
/etc/default/rsync or have an entry in /etc/inetd.conf but not both.

> in /etc/inetd.conf. I am now tryingto send files from a Mac to the 
> debian system with. 
> 	rsync -avz -e ssh /home/projects/LKWOffice/LKWOffice root@<ipaddress>:/root/Development 

Here you are using ssh.  This is not even using the rsync server.  So
in this case you don't need either of the rsync server configurations.

I know in a previous note that you solved your problem.  But if you
are not using the rsync server then I would undo both of those


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