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Re: FIXED! Re: Xorg synaptics touchpad problem?

Ben Pearre wrote:
D'oh!  Thanks to your question (and knowing that it worked for a
similar system), while simplifying my config file in order to post, I
tracked down exactly what the problem was.  Now I'm a little
embarassed that I'd let this bother me for so long!

In the InputDevice section for "synaptics", this line was responsible:

       Option          "CircScrollDelta"       "0.001"

I can't say whether this was related to the upgrade to xorg or to a
new version of the synaptics driver or what, but somewhere the
behaviour changed.  The driver's changelog doesn't document this, but
everything seems to be working when I just remove the line.

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What happens if you don't have a synaptics driver and you have this problem? I have a thinkpad notebook that I tried to upgrade from xfree86 to xorg and it dies on this 'EE' in the log.

The sucky part is that for some reason, I can't get the xfree86 version installed back on this box. It just doesn't want to build the file /etc/X11/XFree86Config-4 (or whatever it's called, from memory)

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