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Re: X.Org Hits Testing: Xorg synaptics touchpad problem?

I'm very sorry for the possibly off-topic reply.

I have had one problem since my Unstable system went to Xorg, and I
don't know whether this is the place to air it.  Please forgive if
not.  If this is interesting, ask me for more info, as I've tried to
keep this brief:

Synaptics touchpad driver is broken.  [sorry if I have the filenames
wrong, I'm at a different computer].  Driver loads correctly according
to dmesg and /var/log/Xorg.0.log, and synclient works perfectly, but
apps don't get touchpad events (including xev) (yes, pad is turned on,
etc).  It's as if I just listed the wrong device in Xorg.config.  This
is on a Thinkpad, and the nipple still works perfectly.  I haven't
heard this complaint anywhere else, so I assume I haven't provided
nearly enough information :)


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