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Re: Mouse Driver, Evdev, Xorg SDK Problems

What mouse?

It's a Logitech 518 mouse. The standard two buttons plus wheel, then two near the thumb and three around the wheel.

Before you go and move creation around, what does evtest say:

Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you would like me to do with this.

I use the vanilla Sarge XFree86 driver with the evtest protocol and
everything is found. One button more cannot be the reason you need to go
through all of that.

I'm using Sid with X.org. I do not believe that I have this "evtest protocol": Is this what you would like me to get and speak to you of (I. E.: The link you sent me above)?

I just did the Xorg source thing for a different reason: my Sarge CD's
are level 11/24/2005 and so I cannot use the Xorg backport. So I
installed Xorg from the Debian sources. make World is the thing and it
sure does work. I backed off because although Mozilla worked fine, I got
hits when it used the Flashplayer plugin.

I also got X.org from via apt-get. I would have thought that all modules needed would be included in that package (or set of packages). Perhaps I have not done some thing that I must in order for this to work?

Please bear in mind that I am doing this now on a computer which will not be using the mouse in question. I shall be soon getting me lap-top: This is what will use it. One fellow said that I should probably wait and just stick the mouse in to the lap-top when I get it. I am asking these questions now so that I do not have to do it later. Still, if it does not work on one computer, chances are it shan't on me lap-top either, yes?

So, what information can I give you to solve this problem?

I thank you most kindly in advance for putting up with me. Good day.

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