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Re: Debian Compatable UPS?

On Mon, 19 Sep 2005, John Hasler wrote:

> Alvin Oga writes:
> > and keep your car battery outdoors, not indoors ...
> Not necessary (though you may want to keep it in a plastic container.)

the other kinds of batteries is the "gel-cell" ( same type as the 
commerical ups ) but cheaper and more amp-hrs

or sealed motorcycle batteries

> > and do not light a cigaratte near the car battery in a closed enviroment
> You _might_ get a bang if you stick a spark igniter inside a cell while the
> battery is being heavily overcharged.

> Are you going to keep the battery in a hermetically sealed room?  If not,
> don't worry about explosions.

or long term effects of itty-bitty amts of sulfuric acid on your lungs


10hrs of uptime at $100 car battery + charger  vs
not-really-availble-commercial-ups of the same "uptime" w/o 110vac is the

	- you probably cannot take a car battery into a commercial colo
	either as its considered toxics, so you're moving your colo'd
	machines to your garage eh ??

c ya

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