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Re: image viewer which supports auto-refresn and partial images?

garaged <garaged@gmail.com> writes:
>>   (2) Happily displays partially-written files, without screaming on stderr
> kview, kuickshow.

Thanks for the pointer, but are you sure about (2)?

I tried both kview and kuickshow, and when given a partially written PNG
file, both just say "libpng error: Read Error", and fail to display the image.

eog, on the other hand, displays the partial image (which is what I

kuickshow is a bit more verbose; here's what it says:

   libpng error: Read Error
   IMLIB ERROR: Cannot load image: /home/soft1/miles/src/snogray-20050919/out/image54b-a5-g1.8.png
   All fallbacks failed.
   See /usr/share/doc/imlib2/README.fallback.
   libpng error: Read Error
   kuickshow: WARNING: ImlibWidget: can't load image /home/soft1/miles/src/snogray-20050919/out/image54b-a5-g1.8.png
   Launched ok, pid = 11484


I'd rather be consing.

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