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image viewer which supports auto-refresn and partial images?


Does anyone know of any image viewers packaged in debian which have the
following properties:

  (1) Supports PNG files (even better would be EXR files, but that's
      probably pretty rare)

  (2) Happily displays partially-written files, without screaming on stderr

  (3) Has an "auto-update" function, where it watches the file modification
      type and re-reads the file when it changes

  (4) Has good-quality dithering (error diffusion or whatever) for
      non-true-color displays

Of those I've tried:

   "qiv":			(1), (3), and (4), but not (2)
   "eog":			(1), (2), and (4), but not (3)
   "display" (imagemagick):	(1) and (3), but not (2) or (4)
   "exrdisplay" (openexr):	(1) and (2), but not (3) or (4)

Any other suggestions...?

eog seems generally to produce the best-quality output (and has that nifty
scroll-wheel zoom function), so if it has a hidden "watch file" option,
that's what I'd choose.... (OTOH qiv has much nicer keybindings...)

[This is so I can get some sort of progress view on a raytracer, which
only slowly produces its output image, without having to deal with
writing X color allocation code myself... sigh...]


`Life is a boundless sea of bitterness'

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