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Install USB Mouse, Lose Keyboard

Recently, my girlfriend decided to try the jump to Linux.
I helped her build a dual-boot system with Windows and Debian
on it. She has run it fine for a couple of weeks, except that
her mouse goes "crazy" sometimes. This occurs both with Debian
and with Windows. So I suggested she has a hardware problem with
the mouse.

I gave her a USB optical mouse I have used before, and it works
just fine with both Windows and with Debian.

However, Debian no longer recognizes her keyboard. It sees the
mouse fine, but not the keyboard. Windows still sees and uses
both the mouse and the keyboard with no problem.

The motherboard is about two years old with a 2+Ghz Celeron on
it, 512 MB RAM. I have booted Knoppix 3.9 (Debian variant)
and run memtest overnight with no problems indicated.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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