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Re: Install USB Mouse, Lose Keyboard

On mandag 19 september 2005, 23:12, Mike McCarty wrote:
> However, Debian no longer recognizes her keyboard. It sees the
> mouse fine, but not the keyboard. Windows still sees and uses
> both the mouse and the keyboard with no problem.

Weirdness. With my job computer, a Dell box, the order of which I 
inserted the mouse and keyboard and the order of the ports that I 
inserted them in actually mattered... I thought part of the point with 
USB was that you shouldn't worry about stuff like that, but... You 
might want to try different combinations of those.

Also, you could try cat-ing the devices and see if anything happens when 
you press keys or move the mouse. This may amount to do as root: 
cat /dev/input/*


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