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Re: Suggestions for Debian Harware Vendors

hi ya jason

On Mon, 19 Sep 2005, Jason Martens wrote:

> I'm not talking about official support from Dell,

i'm not either .... we provide "unofficial" support on just
about any hw

> I think this is a valuable resource if one is forced to run Debian on a 
> Dell.  There are very helpful people out there.

we've never found a single answer in those lists

we did get some techie answers from 3rd or 4th level escaltion tech
support with the techie's dell email addresses
> Yes, it does seem somewhat backwards, but it is the non-trivial aspect 
> that I am thinking of.  Imagine how easy it would be if Dell provided a 
> repository for their OMSA and raid drivers!

they do ... it's all over the place ... 

some are newer and some are older .. some keep repositories

> Or even a tarball 
> installation instead of an RPM, that could more easily be converted to a 
> .deb. 

conversion of  xxx into yyy packages is trviial to the point
that it either works or does not ... and can always be extracted
in the machines it was packaged for and repackaged to the target

> This is the kind of "support" that I am looking for from a 
> hardware vendor.

"additional" support always costs $$$$ ...

>  Making my life easier.  If there is no vendor out 
> there that does,

i bet lots of vendors in this mailing list is more than capable
to do all of the above you just mentioned

> then I guess I'm stuck with stupid RPM management 
> packages and windows self extracting floppy disk images.

that's your choice to do thigns that way or not ...

> Thanks, this is some of the kind of information I was looking for...  

lots of hardware nuetral support outfits

> I'm not sure how willing my bosses will be to go with a smaller shop, so 

again ... small shops can provide the specialty support needed

big outfits will cater to those millions of people wanting "this new
feature and patches for that new hardware "

> I was hoping someone had experience installing Debian on say Sun, HP, 
> IBM or Penguin Linux for example,

amongst gazillon ontehr platforms

> and can say if it was difficult to get 
> everything working, or easy.

some thigs will be trivial ... other stuff is not

>  Remote management is also a primary concern.

remote management is a whole new ball game that has noting
to do with "support" but more a look-n-feel issue vs functionality

> I think you misunderstood what I am asking for, which is probably my 
> fault.  I don't care about "official" support

we and most other non-dell entities will ever be providing
"official" debian support on dells

or for that matter official redhat support on dells...


support comes in many flavors and

c ya

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