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Re: cannot run QT tutorials

Michal Simovic wrote:

hi, this problem is not really Debian related, but i know some of you guys use QT so you might help me..

i've got QT version 3.3.4 installed on my Debian system. i also installed qt3-examples. i cannot get to run them because i get "Some of the required modules (full-config) are not available." when running make in the main "tutorial" folder or "Some of the required modules (small-config) are not available." in each tutorial's folder..
what can i do about this?

Do you have libqt3-dev installed? That's needed to compile QT things.
Do you have qmake? That's in qt3-dev-tools, that's the program that creates make files. I don't have the examples installed at the moment, so I am doing this from memory.
The messages you get are from the .pro files of the examples.
Take out the offending message and run qmake on the .pro file.

Sometimes qmake is just headstrong, then use tmake:

It is easier to use, but you may have to tweak the Makefile.

Keep it up, you'll get there. Qt is great and the examples are too, as is the documentation.


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