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Re: LVM PV in regular file, can i access it?

when i made dd if=/dev/md1 of=md1.img it completed with an hour (120GB).
now 'dd if=md1.img of=/dev/md1' is still running after 2 hours....

On 9/19/05, icmp <icmp128@gmail.com> wrote:

I have raid-1 (mirror) which contains LVM .

After my system crashed I made dd if=/dev/md1 of=md1.img

since my /dev/md1 is damaged for now, only backup i have is in that file.
is there possible to mount lvm volumes from that file directly, without haveing to write it to physical disk?

and if I want to write it to physical disk is 'dd if=md1.img of=/dev/md1' ok?


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