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Please help with truetype fonts or any fonts for that matter

Hi everyone.
I've installed truetype fonts via xfstt font server. I've copied some custom ttf fonts ( not microsoft's core, but those from different web site there ) to /usr/share/fonts/truetype and font server picked them up. I do see those fonts in xfontsel. And mozilla is able to display them (and it looks nice in mozilla). However, there is a problem with fluxbox. These fonts for some reason look kinda ugly on menu and toolbars and on window labels. As if i was using fonts provided by xfree86. When i turn on anti-aliasing (and please tell me if it makes sense to do so with truetype fonts??? cause i'am confused), fluxbox doesn't display them. They suddenly change to some other font (i guess some standard font) wich actually looks nice. So my question is: how to make these truetyoe fonts look nice in fluxbox. Do i have to enable anti-aliasing somewhere in configuration files or what? Also, i like artwiz fonts. But they look very small in terminals (particulary snap, egdes and anorexia). I know that they are bitmap fonts, and that there is no way to increase the size. So is there a way to somehow have artwiz fonts in terminals without having load on the eyes.

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