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Re: Overwhelmed newbie

On lørdag 17 september 2005, 13:23, Antony Gelberg wrote:
> > Oh, there is plenty of reason. Stable has its issues, as any other
> > complex software system.
> Ok, what reasons are there to get burnt by using stable?  The point
> of stable is that it is very unlikely to burn a clueful user.

For the newbie, the 30-something known (by me) crashbugs in KDE is 
likely to bite him (say, for example the bug that crashes KMail if you 
delete all mails in a folder fast, #285794). Yes, I'm using KDE despite 
of this.

The person looking to Debian as a server platform may be bitten by the 
fact that Debian contains a mod_perl 2 release that's incompatible with 
everything else out there. Code developed for mod_perl 2 on Debian 
won't work in the rest of the world and vice-versa. 

Just two examples that even a clueful user would have to deal with. No, 
I'm not complaining, for a system of Debian's size, it is only to be 
expected. But I'm thinking about Debian stable more in terms of "won't 
suddenly jump up an bite you unexpectedly because something changed" 
rather than "everything will always Just Work and work reliably". 

> So what?  The OP didn't say he wasn't willing to learn.  We could
> give him the option.

Of course, of course. And I very much respect your dedication towards 
this, and indeed the OP indicated that he was willing to learn. 
However, I suspect that what it would take for Debian to be a 
recruitment platform to free software, it would mean that if a newbie 
silently gives up, someone will have to send him an email and ask how 
it goes, and drag him back in. I suspect few even have the time to do 


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