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Re: gdm, kdm, xdm can't startkde

Mr Mike wrote:

> Actually, it does tell you..  It is saying it can't find the startkde
> script in /usr/bin.  At the command line type which startkde and it will
> tell you what directory it is located in..  My guess is maybe /opt/kde/bin
> or maybe some other 'not so usual' directory...  then in
> /usr/share/xsessons, edit the kde.desktop file and change the 'exec' and
> 'try exec' lines to the correct path to your startkde script..
> mr mike..
Actually, it doesn't because startkde is in /usr/bin:
jdkaye@Attila:~$ whereis startkde
startkde: /usr/bin/startkde
jdkaye@Attila:~$ locate startkde

thanks for trying,

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