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Re: Overwhelmed newbie

On Fri, Sep 16, 2005 at 05:16:32PM -0700, Andy Streich wrote:
> On Friday 16 September 2005 12:55 pm, Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:
> > > Most importantly, this is _debian_-user.  If you want to advocate
> > > other distributions willy-nilly, it's not the place.
> > 
> > That kind of isolationism is something I think you will find very little 
> > support for in the free software community. I think most people will 
> > agree that we want to direct people to what is best for them.
> I am also an overwhelmed newbie, one who could not have been using Debian for 
> the last 9 months without the kind (and sometimes terse and abrupt) help from 
> people on this list.  It takes a remarkable amount of dedication and time to 
> become comfortable configuring a desktop Debian system on a machine with 
> modest resources where you can't run KDE or GNOME without a significant 
> performance problem.  
> The choice of window managers for a desktop systems is, to really go out on a 
> limb, fairly important.  The best advice I've gotten is that I should just 
> start installing and trying out all the others.  That's not too appealing but 
> I accept the reality.
> I keep staring at my Ubuntu disks and wondering if I should switch horses.  
> Yet I can't begin to estimate the costs involved -- in terms of my time and 
> in the quality and maintainability of the resulting system.  Would a few 
> months of using Ubuntu cause me to come running back to Debian?  I have no 
> idea.
> Any pointers to useful reading material would be appreciated.
If you are interested in trying out a multitude of window managers, I
would get a Knoppix DVD (or CD if the DVD will not work for you).  That
way you can try out the 5 or six different window managers that are
part of Knoppix without going through the overhead of installing and
uninstalling each individually.  If you are accustomed to Windows and
want something similar, then IceWM is probably adequate.  If you want
something with maximum flexibility then something like WindowMaker (my
personal favorite) or Fluxbox or Enlightenment would probably work for


Roberto C. Sanchez

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