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Re: Overwhelmed newbie

Josh Battles wrote:

Fritz Brown said:
Well, I don't have any idea what's what when I begin the install.  I have 7
CDs (booting from the CD), and get through the partitioning OK, but am
utterly without a clue when it starts asking about packages with cryptic
names and cryptic descriptions on the second bootup (or is it the third?).

I noticed in your original post that you're installing 3.0 (woody), why not
try installing 3.1 (sarge)?  The sarge installer is *much* nicer than the
woody installer.  This will also give you the options list for
workstation/server/etc that was mentioned in another post.
I agree, go for Sarge. And if you have a high speed Internet connection, try using the netinstall disc. It's a lot less cumbersome, and my personal opinion is that it makes the installation just that much easier.


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