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Re: IMAP Bandwith

On Wed, 2005-09-14 at 11:39 +0200, Koybe wrote:
> Hello, 
> Can someone help me estimating the bandwith needed for a server
>delivering mail trough IMAP using CYRUS. It's about 100 clietns in a
> day to day use.

Will this be a LAN, a WAN, or both?  If both, which will be the
primary means of transport?  If a LAN, then if your site has so
much traffic that it is maxing out 100Mbps main lines, you've
got more issues than IMAP bandwidth.

Will the emails be short and text-only, or will they be huge HTML
monstrosities and have lots of BMP attachments?

How much is email currently?  Do most users pick up the phone, or
is every bit of communication done via email?

Will all 100 clients be using the email every day (like in a 
business), or will it be infrequent (like a webmail kiosk)?

These (and more that I haven't thought of) are the questions that
only you (or someone at the site) can answer.

Once you do, multiply the numbers, double it (growth happens),
and 30% for TCP & IP overhead, and there's your bandwidth needs.

> thank you.

Ambiguous questions are irritating.  Or I'm grumpy from working
all night.  Or both.

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Temporarily not of Jefferson, LA USA
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"There are times in politics when you must be on the right side
and lose."
John Kenneth Galbraith

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