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Re: IMAP Bandwith

On Wed, 14 Sep 2005, Koybe wrote:
> Can someone help me estimating the bandwith needed for a server
> delivering mail trough IMAP using CYRUS. It's about 100 clietns in a
> day to day use.

Well, this question has no good answer because:
  1. It depends on the average mail size, which depens on your user
     demographics. AND on the expectation of said users... imap goes
     over TCP, which unless you did seriously deranged things, will
     adequate itself to whatever BW you have... but keep in mind that
     the usual timeout for IMAP replies is 1 minute (because of
     Microshaft Outcrook* products).
  2. It depends on MUA profile, some like to connect to the IMAP server
     using two or even more concurrent connections, and often do
     selects and lists on both connections.

  3. If you use webmail clients, either install a caching imap proxy
     locally in the same box as the webmail client, or watch it open,
     do major BW-hog stuff and tear down connections to the imap server
     every time the user causes a new web page to be displayed on
     the webmail client.  Webmail clients without caching proxies are

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