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Re: suspend-to-ram/suspend-to-disk on a desktop computer

On 9/13/05, Matt Price <moptop99@gmail.com> wrote:

    ok, I tried the patch -- had to tweak the apply file to let me use
it on the current debian 2.6.11 kernel, but  it seemd to apply without a
hitch.  Nonetheless I get a kernel panic. (My procedure:  run the
"apply" patch; make menuconfig; load /boot/config-2-6-11-1-k7, the
debian standard config; add suspend2 support to kernel;  make-kpkg
kernel-image; when that didn't work tried "make-kpkg --initrd
kernel-image; dpkg -i the deb).

hmm.  would you be willing to post a copy of your working config file,
and also maybe let me know precisely which kernel you're running?  I'm
wondering whether the current debian sources get messed up by the
suspend2 patch.

Slightly of the topic. I have the kernel as per 'uname -r'
kernel source available for sarge from repository is 2.6.8. Can I use the original config file in /boot/. Or the kernel source needs some patch. If so what is it? how to apply it. Should patching be done before menuconfig or after?

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