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suspend-to-ram/suspend-to-disk on a desktop computer

Hi folks,

I'm wondering what my best options are for getting my desktop to enter a
suspend state.  I want to be able to suspend the thing becuase :
-it's noisy as hell
- it's an energy pig
- i hate waiting for a fresh reboot

Also I'd ideally like to have it wake up by itself in the middle of the
night, do a bunch of chores (preferably including foldingm y laundry)
and then go back to sleep.

The motherboard supports ACPI and there is a BIOS option that seems to
switch something between S1 and S3, but I don't really know what that is.

I have been looking into the suspend kernel module and the suspend2
kenrel patch but so far haven't had a lot of luck getting my patched
kernels to boot (instead they panic very early).  I will keep trying
with that but I'm wondering what solutions other folks have come up with
 on the desktop power-management front.

thanks a bunch!


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