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Re: Unidentified subject!

nidgyboy@tiscali.co.uk wrote:
Hi:) I have wanted to try Debian Linux for a while now and so i downloaded
the dvd images.Problem is,i tried installing it following the instructions(i
am a linux noobie i'm afraid:))but i got stuck early on in the installation
at the bit where it inspects your hardware,but when it got to 'loading module
for scsi disk support' it freezes on me and goes no further.I have ruled
out dvd error,so please can you help me get past this problem.My pc spec
is,AMD 3200+(barton),gigabyte ga 7n400v pro motherboard,1 gig cheapo pc3200
ram,nvidia 6600 graphic,1 sata 80 gig hd,1 20 gig ide hd and a 10 gig for
kicks.Hope it is something silly i am missing,Thanks:) Best wishes Nigel

You could have a look in the installer progress (alt-f3 or f4, can't remember which), to see where it's hanging. This should give you more info to give us. Also google on debian sarge and your motherboard, and try #debian on irc.debian.org.

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