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Re: fglrx on an ATI 9200SE???

On Wed, 07 Sep 2005 19:35:47 +0000
"Florian Dorpmueller" <dorpmueller@hotmail.com> wrote:

> I thinking about establishing the propreitary ATI driver for my 9200SE 
> graphics adapter. Hopefully the graphics performance can be increased with 
> this. 

With my 8500 the performance with the native ATI driver is good, so if
it is working with your card and you are not playing any commercial
games that require support for things the native driver doesn't do (S3
texture compression for example) it hardly seems worth the effort of
messing around with the proprietary driver.

On a personal note since I upgrade from Debian unstable all the time I
switched from Nvidia to ATI in large part so I don't have to put up
with the annoyances of a binary only driver.

For my usage ATI with the open driver better suites my desires, if
gaming is a higher priority for you it may be worth some
experimentation to form your own opinion.

My expectation is that for non gaming usage you won't see a noticeable
difference and for gaming usage the games that you can tell a
difference in will be in the minority. Doom 3 doesn't work with the
open driver, but my 8500 is a bit lacking for use with Doom 3 anyway,
Quake 3 Arena works good with the open driver.

If you are using Cedega to play Windows based games, that seems like
the area where the binary only driver could potentially show the most

Later, Seeker

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