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cyrus21: Address family not supported by protocol

  got the following error message from cyrus after reboot:

Sep 13 03:06:40 jojda cyrus/master[9483]: unable to create imaps listener socket: Address family not supported by protocol

and cyrus imapd does not listen on 993 (MUAs cannot connect to it). It was working fine before reboot. Other than not being able to listen cyrus seems to be working, the emails are received and stored as usual.

    debian unstable
    kernel 2.6.11
    cyrus21-admin 2.1.18-1
    cyrus21-clients 2.1.18-1
    cyrus21-common 2.1.18-1
    cyrus21-docs 2.1.12-2
    cyrus21-imapd 2.1.18-1
    shorewall 2.4.3-2 (is this relevant?)

any ideas what this means? google didn't find any answers (found same Qs), didn't find any relevant bugs either.



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