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Re: adventures with window managers

Kai Grossjohann on 12/09/05 11:58, wrote:
Adam Hardy <adam.ant@cyberspaceroad.com> writes:

I didn't realise Gnome was a window manager. Yet it runs with sawfish. Makes me think I should be able to choose Gnome and Enlightenment, but how?

Gnome is not a window manager.  Gnome contains many programs, one of
which is a window manager.

There should be a Gnome setting for changing the window manager.  So
you could try that.  Alas, as I don't use Gnome myself, I don't know
where to find that setting.

I found a really crap way of changing the window manager in gnome - you kill the current one, launch the new one you want from the command line and then save the session (by exiting I think, if I understand the implication).

I'm using selectwm and there's an auto-generated file ~/.selectwmrc which specifies the window managers that appear in the menu and the commands that launch them.

What would be really cool would be some way of hooking up selectwm so that it could launch any of the window managers in gnome. Or is that way too much to ask of gnome?

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