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Re: 2.6.11 upgradde #1: nvidia drivers don't work?

Bob Proulx wrote:

Matt Price wrote:
Ms Linuz wrote:
Matt Price wrote:
Ms Linuz wrote:
Look at your /etc/modules and make sure there is 'nvidia' ( without
quote ) line exists.
If not, add nvidia in your /etc/modules

You should not need to have "nvidia" in /etc/modules.  If you do then
something else is broken.

in any case the nv driver works fine for now...

The triumph of free software.

You said you've used the 7174 version, afaik the recent version is 7667.

Referring to the 7667 sounds like pulling bits directly from nVidia
because 7174 is still current in sid.

If you don't mind you could use it and see the result.
Make sure changing X conf file following the doc, make sure you have
nvidia in your /etc/modules, and have this line on

SUBSYSTEM=="nvidia",    GROUP="video", MODE="0666"

I have never needed that when using the packages for Debian.

of course uninstall the previous version first, nvidia-installer --uninstall
hmm, I don't have nvidia-installer on my system and
apt-cache search nvidia-installer
gives nothing...

The "nvidia-installer" refers the to script nVidia supplies to install
their drivers.  The package manager camp says not to use it because it
splats files onto your system that the package manager does not know

-- but I haven't really set up udev yet, that's sort of next on my list
-- should I do some in depth udev exploration before I continueo n the
nvidia quest?

You do not need udev to run the nvidia driver.  But it is nice for its
own reasons.  But I would root cause and solve one problem at a time.

(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module!
(EE) NVIDIA(0) *** Aborting ***

And of course it would be nice if it said why it did not load the
nvidia driver.  That is the problem to deduce right now.

What is the output of lspci?

 lspci | grep VGA

I can loadthe nvidia module manually using modconf, and no error
messages are reported

Try loading it with modprobe and seeing if there are any errors.

 modprobe nvidia

If not then what is the output of this:

 cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version

Do you have a really, really, *really* new graphics card that would
not be supported by 7174?

.........if you feel you reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaally need the *nvidia*-nvidia-driver and not the *debian*-nvidia-driver: go down to the nvidiasite and download - beside the driver - the <READme-text> with a clear *how-to* explanation.

indeed: after installing this driver/module in the 2.6.x.xxx ! kernel you need to change as *root* in /etc/X11/..etc.. 'nv' into 'nvidia' and you *must* deactivate in the same file the 'dri' and 'GLcore' modules. and: activiate the 'glx' module.

forget mother's little module_install_helper. you do not need this package for the non-free nvidia-driver. follow the instructiona in the readme-file after download from the nvidia-site.

i did this last week 'for fun' and the nonfree_driver is still working fine and giving some more depth to video_movies I play with mplayer (compiled; included --enable-gui and --disable-rtc)

good luck,


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