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Re: Alternative to arj

Dear ck.Choy,

On 2005-09-12T20:15:09+0800, ck Choy wrote:
> Could someone please recommend another free/open-source archiver
> alternative to arj?

You really should demonstrate that have spent at least 30 seconds trying
to help yourself by using a search engine.  

> The basic functions I needed are:
>   - (Important) Higher compression ratio

Linux Journal reviewed compression tools in issue 137:
http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/8051, which would probably be
helpful to you.  It seems to require a login, not sure if that is free
or not.

>   - Able to add "data recovery record"

Data recovery mode implies redundancy, which would be orthogonal to
higest compression ratios.  rar it he only one that comes to mind, but I
am sure there are others.

>   - Able to create real multi-volumes(not just splitting the output, I mean)
>   - Not necessary to "tar" the files in advanced

How is multi-volume support different than splitting?

An integrated tool like that would go against the unix philosophy of
separating concerns.  It limits your options.  The two standard tools to
create archives are cpio and tar.

>   - (optional) GPG signature & encryption

Again, you would use an external tool (gpg) for that.  You now need to
decide if you want to sign the whole archive, or each volume.  Make
sure you encrypt after you compress.

>   - (optional) Password protected

zip supports passwords on archives, and if I recall correctly they were
trivial to break.  You are better off with gpg, but it will take a
while.  If you just need integrity check use sha1 (or md5) sums instead.

> It would be great if I could just apt-get it.

Start by reviewing this list then:
`apt-cache search archive | egrep -v ^lib`


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