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Re: Thunderbird not visible

Paul Scott wrote:

Steve Lamb wrote:

Paul Scott wrote:

It runs but nothing appears on the screen. I have found nothing relevant in logs or anything with Google. TIA for any diagnostic thoughts.

Uhm, ok, what does strace tell ya is going on? Sometimes when something is just inexplicably hung a good strace gives a clue as to the cause. Also do you have any extensions in TBird at all? If so start it up from the command line with "--safe-mode" to see if that helps. That, however, is a guess based on a similar experience I had with Firefox so it might not be relevant or, in
fact, a valid command-line parameter.  :)
I tried both ideas and before finding anything in the strace output I tried safe mode. Then I got the profile manager and was reminded I had seen many variations of this problem before. I can see no lock on the old profile but have created a new one and am sending this from T-Bird.

Now I just have a bunch of mail to reorganize!

Thanks much,


Have you checked that it's not still running without it's GUI?
It's done that to me before, and refused to work properly until I've killed the unGUIed ones.

Just a thought,


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