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Re: Thunderbird not visible

On Sat, Sep 03, 2005 at 10:23:07PM -0700, Steve Lamb wrote:
> paslist@ultrasw.com wrote:
> > I seem to have gotten most important things to work.  One thing I 
> > miss that I need is a quick way to set the From: field since I 
> > have three different email addresses that I send messages from.
> > With Thunderbird the From: address was set automatically 
> > correctly depending which folder I was in.  Using Esc-F still 
> > requires that I type the complete address.
>     Ungh, one of the most bass-ackwards things that test mailers still cling
> to after two decades.  The antiquated notion that people want to merge all
> their mail from different addresses into a single stream only to jump through
> a dozen or so hoops to split it back out.  Whole reason I don't use mutt. 

That's been my main reason, too.  Also after using mutt for a few weeks the
other reason is T-Bird's display is much much more readable.  I have tried a
number of fonts with mutt and it doesn't really help.

I will still continue to use mutt on my old (P-90) laptop.

> I'm
> not keen on setting folder-hooks for every folder I ever create without a
> single notion of inheritance of settings.  Even worse is trying to keep all
> the outbound mail separate.  *shudder*
>     Seriously, what problems are you having with TBird?  Let's get that
> running so you don't have to suffer the horrors of an MUA stuck in the 1990s.

It runs but nothing appears on the screen.  I have found nothing relevant in logs
or anything with Google.  TIA for any diagnostic thoughts. 
> > Another important feature that I haven't found yet is a good way 
> > to filter messages automatically.  It looks like the 'mailbox' is
> > part of the answer.
>     Mutt doesn't filter.  Exim does.  Ignore the inevitable "procmail rawks!"
> people who spawn from the woodwork any time "mutt" and "filter" are uttered in
> the same message together.  Exim filters.  Exim's filter language doesn't look
> like line noise from a 9600 USRobotics on a phone line routed through Pango
> Pango.  Why run an additional program when then MTA does it just fine?

>     Peruse exim.org's documentation, esp. the portion marked "filter
> specification".  I use Exim's filtering here because Thunderbird does not
> filter IMAP accounts.  :(

Thanks.  I've been too busy to do this yet but hope to soon.


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