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cdrecord won't work - kernel 2.6.10

Dear all,

I have an ASUS M2437 laptop and I'm running Debian with kernel 2.6.10.
One thing I haven't managed to sort out is to make the cd/dvd writer (TOSHIBA ODD-DVD SD-R6372 ATAPI) burn cd-s.

I browsed several forums, mailing lists and howtos before turning to you but I have had no luck. I learned that from kernel versions 2.6.x cd writing should preferably be done via the ide_cd kernel module but that it's not yet working as it should (is this still holds for 2.6.10?) so some linux users recommend to fall back on writing with scsi emulation (ide_scsi and sg modules), I tried this one, too, but only managed to blank a cd, trying to write tracks on it dumped errors and it all behaved very hectically (mounted it to 6 places, to /media/cdrecorder-x x=1..6, could not umount it, etc.).

Have any of you managed to burn cd-s with kernel 2.6.10? (cdrecord explicitly says that there can be issues with kernel 2.6.x but I figured these could be sorted out somehow). Or maybe with kernels 2.6.x (x<10)? Could you advise anything in this matter? Has the ide_cd solution developped overtime and can now be used?

Any help or idea is appreciated, thank you.

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