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Re: sarge: the worst distro?

On Friday 09 September 2005 07:44 pm, a joe wrote:
> i don't use gnome or kde, i use twm and plan to use fvwm. 

So your point of view is a distro should support the window managers you use, 
and no others?  Are you that narrow-minded in everything?

If twm and fvwm don't have new features in Sarge, that doesn't mean the blame 
should be placed on Sarge.  Perhaps they have not had many features added 
since the last time you used them.

But that probably doesn't matter to you, since you probably consider any new 
feature you don't like bad or a waste -- even if everyone else finds it 

> i am happy with 
> mozilla, i take no interest in firefox or others and they don't seem to
> support Java. 

I've hand no problem with Firefox using Java.  It supports it fine.  I use 
Java apps in Firefox literally every day I'm at the computer.

Perhaps, in your zest to stay narrow minded, you haven't figured out how to 
find the one line command that can quickly add Java support to Firefox if, 
for some reason, you didn't find it when you installed it.

> i re-installed woody and use netscape which has java support 

Good.  We're happy for you.  So why do you have to piss on everyone else's 
parade?  Sarge supports Java just fine.  Perhaps you're just not able to 
figure out how to set it up.

> one of best things about debian is well-defined packages, i mean it use
> little disk, perhaps it save most disk space among major distros. i don't
> use kde or gnome because they take big disk space without adding value to
> me.

Fine, then don't use them.  But that doesn't mean you have to attack others 
because the programs you like don't have eye-candy or new toys.

> i download  1st CD and  burn to CD-RW, so no loss

Don't blame the distro when the inability to get features to work or to find 
new features is your issue and not the distros.


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