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kernel 2.6.11 problem #1: "No APM support in kernel"

Hi there,

so one more problem with the new 2.6.11 kernel, moving up from 2.4.25.  Every
time I execute a bash command as a normal user, I get the message "No APM
support in kernel" .  It's not fatal or anything, but it's annoying.  I'm not
sure where it comes from -- the mesage doesn't show up when I'm logged in as
root, so I think maybe it has something to do with my .bashrc or something; but
I can't figure out what would be trying to access APM.  So far no ideas...  
My website's down so can't post the .bashrc right now but will post to the list
if folks think that'd help.  I appreciate, as always, your assistance...


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