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Re: Laptop choice to run debian

On (09/09/05 17:44), Jonathan Kaye wrote:
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> Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
> > I am planning to buy a laptop for my self in the near future for
> > travels, stinks not having with you a debian system. Any good
> > recommendations by any chance?
> Hi Antonio,
> My girlfriend just installed debian etch in her Acer Aspire 3503. We tested
> it with knoppix first and everything worked, then used Sarge netinst cd to
> put in Debian and then immediately changed the sources.list from stable to
> testing and updated/upgraded. It's been working flawlessly ever since:
> network, sound, montor, cd/dvd/burning. No problems at all and the laptop
> came to 800?.
> Personally, I've always enjoyed Acer's laptops, even when they're disguised
> as IBM Thinkpads.
I have to agree. We've got a 2003WLMi and a 1524WLMi and they both work
a treat; I've not bothered configuring wireless though.



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